Home Lift Series: Z6000
Home Lift series: Z6000

ZADIM Z6000 series screw platform lift is suitable for private villas, duplex buildings and other residential buildings ,which is classic screw drive product in ZADIM lift family.

This series of lifts are all made in Sweden and driven by a safe and reliable screw drive system. Standard independent dual brake function and advanced man-machine exchange system, safe operation is more guaranteed. The appearance conforms to the mainstream design style of modern platform lifts, and it is easy to install without destroying the existing decoration structure. Unique Scandinavian design, Minimal but not simplify, effectively save the space. A high-quality choice to provide high-quality platform home lifts for the limited home environment.

Features and parameters introduction

Standard is automatic single glass door

500 kg load, up to 6 floors

Various sizes are available to meet the requirements of different building spaces

Self-contained transparent shaft, three-sided sightseeing experience

Comes with emergency release device, automatically leveling after power failure

Swedish screw drive patented technology, Safe and reliable

Swedish Technology

Z6000 series are all made in Sweden and adopt Swedish screw technology, which is simple and efficient, safe and durable.

With integrated hoistway, save more space and have no bottom pit, without machine room, no top height restriction, multi-size, large space, high utilization rate.

Use independent drive dual brake system, stable operation and safer.

Easy installation, 2-story building can be completed in 2-3 days, zadim hibem provides the world end users with a 2-year warranty for the whole ladder, and a 10-year warranty for the limited drive unit screw and nut.

Functional configuration, safe and efficient

ZADIM Z6000 series lift adopts European household lift standards, and the products have passed EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC certification. The speed is limited to 9m/min to ensure safe operation, The driving method is nut screw drive, which is one of the safe lift driving methods in the world.

1. Platform with security edge;

2. Control platform with 1200mm height

Safe touch panel with anti-pinch function;
Backup power emergency system;
Double brake system, automatic leveling function after power failure;
Alarm bell;
Communication equipment;
Overload protection;
voice system;
Waterproof flood alarm device;
Fire alarm connection device.

Multiple sizes for different space requirements

ZADIM Z6000 series has a variety of sizes, which can provide products with different space requirements to meet installation needs of different locations and different family members.

Project Rated load KG
400 500
Platform Net Width CW 1000 1100 1100 1100
Platform Net Depth CD 1500 1400 1500 1600
Door opening net height EH 2000
Opitional door opening type Automatic single opening door

Note: Please refer to the actual measurement for the specific size

Pit & OH height requirements

Pit requirements

ZADIM Z6000 series pit requires 50mm, or directly install on the ground. We only use decorative ground height instead of digging the pit, reducing the cost and trouble of digging the pit.

OH height

No matter in duplex buildings of high-rise buildings,or buildings with insufficient top floor height, the half-height door design can be customized.