How to customize an exclusive ZADIM home lift for my own home
Please refer to relevant steps for all services of villa home lifts below, choose the most suitable ordering method for youself
How to customize an
exclusive ZADIM home
lift for my own home
Please refer to relevant steps for all services of villa home lifts below, choose the most suitable ordering method for youself
  • Send E-mail to ZADIM LIFT group
    The first step
    Please send your email to:, Our distributor in your local city will come to communicate with you about the lift floors, hoistway, style of background wall , carpet, color, etc. Then you will quickly get the information of appearance, size, price and other information of your customize lift.
  • Appointment service
    The Second step
    International sales engineers will take the initiative to get in touch with you, discuss with technical and business details, and make an appointment for on-site service.
  • After the plan is determined, make the contract and schedule production.
    The Third step
    After the plan is determined, make the contract and schedule production.
  • Installation handover
    The fourth step
    The sales engineer will communicate with the preparation work before handing over the lift installation.
  • lift installation
    the fifth step
    The installer installs the lift.
  • After-sales service
    The Sixth step
    After the installation, local professional maintenance personnel will regularly come to your door for professional maintenance and maintenance.
common problems
frequently ask & question
  • Is ZADIM home lift made in Sweden?

    The ZADIM Z8000 series of home lift is the main model of ZADIM family. The running speed of 0.3m/s is tailor-made for Chinese customers. This series is produced by Chinese standardization. The screw drive system of ZADIM Z7000 series home lift is produced in Sweden, and other parts are standardized in China. ZADIM Z6000 series home lift is totally produced in Sweden as a entire lift.

  • What is the price of the Sweden ZADIM home lift?

    The specific price of ZADIM home lift depends on the floor and size of your house.
    1. The specific price depends on the model, lifting height, landing, related configuration, project location, etc.
    2. The price includes equipment, hoistway, shipping costs, customs declaration and inspection fees, insurance costs, on-site unloading fees, hoisting fees, swedish duties, swedish value-added tax, installation fees, etc.

  • Is Sweden ZADIM home lift safe?

    ZADIM Z6000 series lift adopts European household lift standard. The product complies with European EN81-41 standard. The speed is limited to 9m/min to ensure safe operation. The driving method is nut screw drive, which is one of the very safe lift driving methods in the world. ZADIM Z8000 series lift has a traction balance system, which is similar to the traditional commercial lift structure. After a century of history, it is also one of safe lift structures in the world. In addition to being equipped with basic safety devices, it also adopts the optimal mechanical transmission system design to achieve twice the output power of similar brands and excellent transmission performance. It adopts four safety hardware and nine safety systems to protect you and your family in many aspects. LIFT safety; Equipped with triple shock absorption system, the lift runs more smoothly!

  • There are many lift brands on the market. What are the reasons for choosing Sweden ZADIM home lift?

    ZADIM focuses on the research and development, design and production of home elevators, facing the global market, and has the following advantages:
    Space saving: ZADIM lift occupies a small space, the minimum reserved size of the Z8000 series lift is 860mm*860mm, and the space utilization rate is extremely high. There is no need for pits and a separate machine room, and it has its own hoistway.
    Safety and comfort: ZADIM lift adopts independent customized drive mode, which runs smoothly; in addition to basic safety devices, each lift also has functions such as: alarm system, dual brake system, and automatic leveling function ( When the power fails, it will automatically drop to the nearest floor to release the user) to ensure user safety.
    No need for a pit: ZADIM lift only needs a 50mm pit, or it can be installed directly on the ground, plus an entrance ramp, and the installation time is greatly shortened. Regardless of before and after renovation, we can provide you with high-quality home lift solutions.
    Own hoistway: ZADIM lift comes with an integrated steel hoistway, and can also provide a four-sided sightseeing glass experience program to make the space transparent and brighter.
    Swedish design: originated from Sweden, the capital of machinery manufacturing, inheriting the Nordic design aesthetics and satisfying the diverse home improvement environment. It can be called the perfect combination of art and technology.
    Energy saving and environmental protection: ZADIM lift can use 220V household power supply, low energy consumption, it will automatically start the power saving mode in standby mode, and the power consumption is equivalent to a household refrigerator;
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  • How deep does the pit of the Sweden ZADIM home lift need to be?

    The ZADIM Z7000 and ZADIM Z6000 series household platform lift only needs a 50mm pit, or they can be installed directly on the ground; The ZADIM Z8000 series of household sightseeing lift requires a pit of 130mm, or they can be installed directly on the ground. Without affecting the civil structure, it can provide users with ideal and high-quality lift solutions!

  • How long does it take for Sweden ZADIM home lift?

    The lift is produced according to the size and color selected by the customer, and will be shipped after strict testing. The delivery time is about 3-6 months.

  • How long does it take to install the Sweden ZADIM home lift?

    The installation time depends on the on-site environment, and the general installation time is about one week.

  • How often does the Sweden ZADIM home lift need to be maintained?

    ZADIM provides end users worldwide with a 2-year warranty for the entire lift, and a 10-year warranty for the screw and nut of the limited drive unit. According to the frequency of lift use, it is recommended that the user do about 1-2 maintenance for the lift within a year.

  • Have other questions about the Sweden ZADIM home lift?

    If you have any questions, please click on the online consultation or send your request to the mailbox